Identifying Motivated Abilities

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A Motivated Abilities Pattern MAP identifies five aspects of a person 's functioning: the motivated abilities the person naturally and instinctively uses to accomplish anything that matters to him/her. the subject matter that s/he most naturally works on, with, or through..Developed by People Management, Inc SIMA is a system for identifying motivated abilities..PART 1- A Central Motivational Outcome the person is motivated to achieve. Part 2 - A Group of Motivated Abilities the person is motivated to use. Part 3 - Certain Subject Matter and Mechanisms the person is motivated to work with or through. Part 5 - Particular Way of Operating With Others..I recently had cause to look in that file and rediscovered a personal inventory I took a long time ago: SIMA: System for Identifying Motivated Abilities..

The System for Identifying Motivated Abilities SIMA is a proprietary, non-psychological, qualitative process for clearly identifying a person's innate giftednesstheir motivated strengths, interests, contextual cir.stances, preferred roles, and motivational drives..What we accomplish through the development of the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities SIMA is a definition of the essence of individuals: their personality, their . As per the SIMA test, which involved a thoroughysis of heaps of the things I've done well and/or enjoyed doing, the following conclusions have been reached regarding the way I do things..We first characterized this design as a Motivated Abilities Pattern MAP ; then as a Motivational Pattern System for Identifying Motivated Abilities SIMA .

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