Identifying Mosses

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The first color field guide for mosses in the Mid-Atlantic region - its de.ed color p.ographs allow easy identification of many of the commonest and most striking mosses and liverworts, without the use of a microscope..With absolutely stunning p.ographs and accurate definitions, this book is a landmark in publishing. The authors have created an il.rated dictionary using state-of-the-art imaging techniques.. [For other mosses in this series, see the Table of Contents] To take a break from the more theoretical posts of late, I'd like to begin a series on the mosses of Central Florida, the subject of one of my current projects..Family names end in "acae", e.g. Asteraceae. A species is described by a scientific or "Latin" name, with two parts. The first is the name for the genus, the second is the epiphet for the particular species, e.g. Rhododendron canadense .Species names are usually italicized..

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