Identifying Mint Plants

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- To distinguish between them, you 'll have to take a nibble. A strong menthol aftertaste means peppermint, while a sweet, light flavor means spearmint. Use young spearmint leaves in, peppermint leaves for tea and other drinks. The climate in which the mint is growing can also help you identify it..

Resources for Identifying the Plants of Nova Scotia Posted at Updated ..Identify plants and flowers of the Mint family La.ceae with these wildflower identification tools and a p.o gallery with plants grouped according to families..Are you still thumbing through hundreds of pictures to identify wildflowers? That's the way I started learning plants, but now there is a much easier way!.Mint is a hardy garden herb prized for its ability to thrive in all sorts of environments. Hardy it is, mint pests can always drop by for a quick meal..

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