Identifying Mikuni Carb

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SUZUKI GSX-R750 L/M/N/WP/WR 1991-1995: To insure you getnd new jets be aware of the jet policy. We have no control over jets once they leave us; some customers drill them out, test and tune etc. therefore all jet sales have to be final so customers do not get modified jets..Mikuni supply throttle valves in anodised aluminium and chrome plated br Most aftermarket VM valves are chrome plated br Some versions are also available in anodised aluminium..Everything you ever wanted to know about Banshee jetting! While the specifics listed are based on the Banshee's stock carbs, the remain the same and are similar for other carbs and anything else with a carb .I'd like to thank all the past and present members of for .Send your technical stuff to Duplex frontkes by Ruud Pol: CJke,pier andpiest by Dan C. upgrade by Paul Gardner.

  • How Do You Identify A Mikuni Carburettor Reference Com

    How Do You Identify a Mikuni Carburettor? Mikuni carburettor's always have Mikuni printed somewhere on the carburettor in large or small letters, and may or may not have Solex printed on them as well..

  • Identifying Mikuni Carb Size Vintagesleds Com

    I need to order a carb kit for this carb. It s a mikuni and has the round slide in it. How do i figure out what size it is? 34mm? carb is mounted on a moto ski mirage II w/ a 368 rotax. going to tray and rebuild it and see if that gets me any closer to get this sled running..

  • Mikuni Kogyo Carb Identification Kzrider Forum Kzrider

    I need help i identifying these carbs. I know they're mikuni, but I can't find anything on kogyo model carbs. As you can see a few of the parts are rusted and wearing so i wanted to buy a rebuild kit..

  • Mikuni Carb Identification The Jockey Journal Board

    Re: Mikuni carb identificationody runs the round slide Mikuni VM's on Harley's. that carb was really designed for 2 stroke bikes and adapted to Triumphs, many people make he mistake of running the 2 stroke needle jet and it reallys them up..

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