Identifying Memory Type

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- RAM is the memory that keeps your computer ticking and if you plan on upgrading it, you need to know its memory type, size and module . - Hey folks, I just wanted to know the general way of identifying the ddr, ddr2 and ddr3 memory types. I have to show which are what to others so .This article explains how to correctly identify your installed computer memory, or RAM, specifications..

Visual Memory Identification. During the early part of the 1980's personal computer memory primarily of memory chips in dual in-line packages that were either soldered to the printed circuit boards or pressed into DIP sockets..So you have this SQL Server database that your application uses and it somehow seems to be slow. How do you troubleshoot this problem? Where do you look?.Germinal center of a lymph node showing proliferation and development stages of a B cell ..Identifying a Neurotransmitter How they work, different types, and why they're important.

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