Identifying Melanoma In Hybrid Fish

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A Localized Melanoma in a Hybrid Fish Lebistes x Mollienesia to Mr. D. E. Rosen for identifying the fishes, and to Miss Pamela Alexander for making some of.T1 - The etiology of sunlight-induced melanoma in Xiphophorus hybrid fish. AU - Mitc.,David. AU - Paniker,Lakshmi. AU - Sanchez,Guillermo. AU - Trono,David. AU - Nairn,Rodney. PY - 2007/8. Y1 - 2007/8. N2 - In contrast to sunlight-induced squamous cell carcinoma the etiology of cutaneous malignant melanoma CMM is not well .Although there are other fish models used in melanoma research, sword.-platyfish hybrid models are unique due to their ability to spontaneously develop melanoma. These hybrids are a second generation cross. First, a pigmented platyfish, Xiphophorus maculates, and a nonpigmented sword., Xiphophoruserii, are crossed; then, the .Evidence of Melanoma in Wild Marine Evidence of Melanoma in Wild Marine Fish Populations. Two cases of non-hybrid melanoma formation in Xiphophorus .

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