Identifying Medal War

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Military Medals and Ribbons Chart in Order of Precedence. Demonstrate your dedication to duty and honor by always ensuring your military medals and ribbons are worn or displayed in the proper order. To help you maintain the correct order of precedence for your military awards, Medals of America has compiled this .Identification of United States military ribbons and corresponding medals..Second World War. The standard issue SWW medals are: The War Medal The Defence Medal. medals WW2 In additional, were issued with medals relating to specific theatres of War. In the Second World War, the Regiment served in nearly every major theatre of War, and as a result, may have been .Welcome to our unique online medal encyclopaedia The encyclopaedia is broken down into the following sections: Pre-World War I Medals - which deals with medals mainly issued to British Commonwealth servicemen and women in the Victorian 'era ' - 'the age of Empire ' up until the start of World War I. World War I .

American Merchant Marine in War, emphasis on World War II. Includes: medal information for veteran mariners,.Medal of Honor Recipients: Vietnam War *MAXAM, LARRY LEONARD. Rank and Organization: Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps, Company D, .REFERENCES. List of Purple Heart recipients This is NOT a complete list. It is continually updated. Recipient Registry Application; Official Issue Regulations.Except for the Medal of Honor, the Department of Defense never made centralized lists of persons who were awarded military medals during the Vietnam War..

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