Identifying Marks On Glass Jars

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Glbottle marks, manufacturers marks, bottle makers,cobalt, green marking, fruit jars, tableware,glinsulators,factory logo,emblem trademark..Welcome! GlBottle Marks~ Antique glsoda, whiskey, beer, food bottles;jars, telephone insulators,Identification markings,Manufacturer logos, emblems..Bottle GlMakers Markings HOME: Gl.making Gl.makers: Bottle GlMakers Markings. Click HERE to jump down this page to the listing of linked Makers Marking articles. The subject of bottle makers marks is a complex one - as is virtually everything to do with bottle dating and identification. However, the .Some of the embossed markings on the bottle base above are a great information source for 20th century bottle identification; some are meaningless. This bottle is an Owens-Illinois Gl. Company produced beer bottle made in 1941 by the Oakland, CA. plant. This website will help you determine what to look for when .

Gl. bottle marks, manufacturers marks, bottle makers,cobalt, green marking, fruit jars, tableware,gl. insulators,factory logo,emblem trademark.This website will explain why this sharp glmark on the base of a Historic Gl. Bottle Identification bottles and jars made in the United .Bottle Gl. Makers Markings HOME making it easily clear that the jar was manufactured by the Pacific Gl. and other marks and symbols of identification .How to Identify Antique Gl.ware Markings. in which the gl. was made. Comparing the marks you find to on a GlJar; How to Identify Vintage .

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