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This is an online version of Marbles: Identification and Price Guide. Don 't forget, this site will also display on mobile devices smartphones, iPads, etc. in a native .Here are some ways to determine if a marble is vintage or not: 1. Look for the Pontil. Most vintage marbles were made by hand through the processed gl.blowing. 2. Check Their Appearance. See the Flaws. Vintage marbles are usually not perfectly made. 4. Determine the Quality of the Gl 5. Consider the .Marble identification by manufacturer is sometimes difficult, in many cases. it is impossible. What is most important is that a marble is attractive and. appealing to .His site was an invaluable resource to collectors on how to identify marbles, reproductions and fakes, and general knowledge for the beginner and expert alike .

Welcome! Welcome and thanks for visiting No doubt you're here because you would like to learn more about marbles or are interested in our free appraisal service..Machine Made Marbles - Current. Machine Made GlMarbles - 1980 to Current. A few marble companies remain in the United States .Find great deals on eBay for RARE Marbles in Pre-1970 Machine Made Marbles. Shop with confidence..Marbles Identification and Price Guide [Robert Block] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. More than 500 color p.os display marbles of all types in this informative, highly popular, revised guide. Most of these p.os.

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    Marbles: Identification and Price Guide Erratum Erratum sheet for Marbles: Identification and Price Guide 5th Edition After I approved the Final Draft of the book, the publisher changed two of the images without my consent..

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    Peltier swirled and ribboned marbles are fairly easy to identify . with experience. Patches are hard to identify. Some Akro, Master Peltier . patches are fairly obvious, some not so much. Most patch ribbon marbles . are probably Vitro or Marble King and can easily be identified by . experienced collectors. Color is another clue as to who made a marble..

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    Previously since 1976 , the Marble Collectors Society of America had published identification sheets and prices for some machine-made marbles, but the Castle and Peterson book was the first attempt to cl.ify most .

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    However, this is not always the case as it could also be possible that the marbles were purchased recently or someone might have just given them to him. Make sure to ask the seller about the origin of the marbles. If in doubt, go back to the different factors discussed on how to identify an antique marble..

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