Identifying Male Or Female Pigeons

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- This behavior resembles kissing; it usually occurs just before a pair of pigeons mates. The female accepts feeding by the male, then crouches low to accommodate mating. Female pigeons are less vocal than males, but will coo to greet their mates or grunt as a warning to those approaching their nests..

P.enger pigeon; Live female in 1896/98, kept in the aviary of C. O. Whitman.This is an ongoing project. We are adding more New Zealand Birds to this list with every newsletter. Chaffinch They were introduced into New Zealand in the 1860's .Males of many animal species perform specialized courtship behaviours to gain copulations with females. Identifying physiological and anatomical specializations .Sparrowhawks are the bird of prey you're most likely to see in your garden - they are adapted for hunting in confinedes. Find out more.

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