Identifying Main Idea And Supporting Details In Informational Text

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- When starting to teach one of reading 's key concepts, finding the main idea using informational text, I like to start off the unit with something really fun kind of We discuss supporting de.s for our answers as we go and we talk about how thele, the pictures, the first and last sentence of the book and the .A Day in the Life of a Police Officer by Linda Hayward. DK Children, 2001. This book was chosen because it is high interest and has clearly identifiable de.s that lead students to the main idea. Alternative books should be informational texts that are interesting to students and have clearly identifiable de.s. Examples .Write a paragraph summarizing the informational text using the main idea and the supporting de.s. answer multiple choice questions based on an informational text at their independent reading level..In this lesson you will learn how to find the main idea of a section of nonfiction text by gathering de.s from that section and asking, "What are these de.s mostly teaching me about?"u..

Differentiating Instruction: Finding the Main Idea and Supporting De.s in Informational Texts.You are receiving the following to help facilitate lessons on identifying the main idea and key de.s in a story with young readers: 1 poster/anchor chart for main .Each of these Main Idea cards features a short informational text nonfiction p.age to help your students master this challenging reading strategy.. A simple way to start talking with students about "main ideas" and "supporting de.s" is to use a p.o as a "text." When you use a p.o as a text.

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