Identifying Macroinvertebrates

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Using the Macroinverte.te Key. If you want to identify an aquatic macroinverte.te you found in a stream, scroll down to use our identification key. Our key is an example of a dic.omous key at each step you choose between two mutually exclusive statements about a characteristic..Macroinverte.te Identification Sheet: Use the sheet below for easy identification of macroinverte.tes out in the field. The sheet is designed to work either as a companion sheet to work with species cards or as a stand-alone resource. This sheet makes macroinverte.te identification easy: organisms are grouped by .Outline. I. Reason to study, definition, identifying characteristics. II. Sampling protocol. III. Identification of major groups. IV. Tier 2ysis. V. Stream habitat for macroinverte.tes. VI. Aquatic food webs .The aquatic macroinverte.te biologists at EnviroScience are nationally certified in identifying both eastern and western taxa. Our macroinverte.te team has extensive experience using these organisms to monitor water quality throughout the northeast, midwest and southeast, for a diversity of clients including local .

Instructions: For a larger view of the specimens below, click on an image. A new window will appear with an enlarged picture of the organism. Close the window when .Know Your Macros! 5.1 MB - A PowerPoint slideshow created by Michael Clapp that introduces benthic macroinverte.tes and highlights some major taxa encountered in .A study of the impacts of anthropogenic activities on the distribution and biodiversity of benthic macroinverte.tes and water quality of the Langat River .Make clean water a priority. Test and treat drinking water, build and manage a well, and improve water quality for you and your family. Conserve water and lower your .

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