Identifying Lp Siding

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- Louisiana Pacific or "LP" siding is very common on homes from the 1990 's and the product from around that time has had many problems. In Washington State, where I live, our wet environment saturates this product and is begins swell and warp. This can cause the siding to fail and need replacement, and .Being able to identify LP siding can save you a lot of time and h.le. Here 's are some helpful pics of LP .LOUISIANA PACIFIC INNERSEAL and 2nd Generation SIDING ID PAGE: The Identifiable knot: Look for the LP knot: The LP features are not striking except for the LP knot. **************************************************************************. LP knot on panel siding..Fiber cement siding identification p.os markings: here we explain how to identify the manufacturer,nd, or type of fiber cement siding installed on a building. This article describes the characteristic embossed fingerprints of woodgrain or knots on some fiber cement siding products, the markings and stampings on .

The following links will help in Identifying various types of siding . OSB Sidings:: Louisiana-Pacific : LP Innerseal and 2nd Generation LP known as Overlaid OSB , .Answers to frequently asked questions about damaged siding, cl.-action settlements and more..Masonite, Louisiana Pacific, Forestex Hardboard Siding Failures, Inspection, Defects, Repairs, Warranty Claims Guide.Do you know how to identify hail damage to your roof? Learn the signs of hail damage and what to do if you believe your home sustained hail damage..

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