Identifying Longaberger Seconds

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Identifying Fenton Glpieces can sometimes be a little difficult as not all pieces are marked, however there are some tips that help to identify this American Companies work and sometimes even date.We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us..

  • Confirm Authenticity Track And Value Longaberger

    Confirm authenticity About Longaberger Seconds are identified There is always someone available at Longaberger Homestead to identify baskets and if .

  • How Do I Find Out What Kind Of Longaberger Basket I

    Correctly identifying your Longaberger basket can make the difference between selling it to a collector and selling it at a garage sale. You must know what kind of basket you have to determine the value..

  • Is There A Way To Figure Out Which Longaberger Basket I

    Your Longaberger rep should have a book that lists all the baskets made by the company. My rep was able to tell me all the info on a basket that I bought .

  • How To Identify Longaberger Baskets Our Pastimes

    Longaberger baskets are always made with hard maple wood and they will feel solid and heavy in your hands. A cheaper basket will feel lighter than a Longaberger basket. Look at the bottom of the basket to find a date, the weaver's initials and the Longaberger Company logo stamped on the outside bottom surface..

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