Identifying Lgophers

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  • Important Pest Identification The Gopher Guy

    Is it a gopher or a mole? Pocket GOPHERS are easily confused with several mammals such as MOLES, VOLES, ground squirrels, chipmunks, rats, and more. It is absolutely necessary to correctly identify your pest..

  • How To Identify A Mole Or Gopher Hunker

    Gophers and moles are two of the most common lawn and garden pests. Although some eradication and barrier methods work for both pests, others are specific to one -- so it's good to know thine enemy. Some simple observations will help you determine whether pocket gophers or moles are messing with your landscape..

  • Identifying Moles Gophers Tomcat

    Identifying Moles Gophers. Knowing what you are up against is half the battle. Learn how to identify the rodent in your lawn, yard, or garden so .

  • Identifying Gophers To Protect Your Lawn Bug Zapper

    Identifying Gophers the Easy Way Identifying gophers is the first step to protecting your lawn. Pocket gophers are burrowing rodents so named because they have fur-lined pouches outside of their mouths, one on each side of the face..

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