Identifying Leaves In Pennsylvania

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Including leaves, bark, twigs, buds, flowers, and fruits. This presentation will focus on using leaves for tree identification. The next several slides will familiarize you with the terminology needed to use the Summer Key to Pennsylvania Trees..Identifying Leaves of Pennsylvania By: G. Less and J. Wenzel. Adapted for Mrs. Hersey's Science in the state forests of Pennsylvania will be able to use these cards to identify the most common deciduous trees of Pennsylvania by their leaves. The leaf characteristics fact cards must include drawings of important characterics in the identification of leaves. The tree identification ."Today's lesson concerns the identification of trees. We are going to learn how to use a summer key for the trees of Pennsylvania. There will be certain characteristics that you will have to recognize in order to use this key. The first part of the lesson will be in the and the rest will .Tree Identification In this presentation you will learn to identify trees using the Summer Key to Pennsylvania Trees. Trees can be identified using many factors.

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    Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program Identifying Pennsylvania Trees Objective for this presentation: To help individuals learn to identify common Pennsylvania trees using the Summer Key to Pennsylvania Trees.

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