Identifying Leather Corals

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Purchase Zoanthus, Palythoa, and Protopalythoa corals online on The Zoanthids is a group of popular corals for marine aquarists..3. Toadstool Leather Corals. Leather corals are easy to care for and are popular due to their less demanding nature. They are hardy and will thrive in most water quality and do best in low to moderate lighting..To start, toadstool corals usually have a rounded trunk that stays firmly attached to the substrate. This trunk can be relatively tall and slender compared to the size of the whole, but may also be rather short and fat to non-existent depending on the species and size of a particular specimen. This .HOW CORAL REEFS GROW Old coral reefs may be over 30 meters 98 feet thick, but the living part is only a thin veneer of corals and other organisms, perhaps only a meter about 3 feet thick on the surface..

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