Identifying Learning Style

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Here are some things that auditory learners like you can do to learn better. Sit where you can hear. Have your hearing checked on a regular basis. Use flashcards to learn new words; read them out loud. Read stories,ignments, or directions out loud. Record yourself spelling words and then listen to the recording.. - Did you know there are many different ways to learn? In-fact most of us have a dominant learning style that directs the way that we absorb remember information. So, what 's the benefit of identifying your own learning style? Well - once you 're aware of your personal learning preference you can take steps .Parents and educators have, at least anecdotally, identified three main types of learning kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. Usually, children will show a balance among all three, but there may be a particular style that allows them to thrive. If you know your child 's learning style, you 'll have a stronger grasp of how to help her .Step One. Identify your learning preferences for each learning dimension. Read through the explanations of each learning preference and choose the one that best reflects your style. Alternatively, use an Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire..

Find out your visual, auditory and kinetic learning style in 2 minutes. Over 250,000 people have taken the test..Providing parents, teachers, and students learning styles tools and consulting for a better way to excel in life, work, and life..WHAT'S YOUR LEARNING STYLE? Everybody has a preferred learning style. Knowing and understanding our learning style helps us to learn more effectively..Every child learns in a slightly different way, experts say, and figuring out your child's own learning style can helpure academic success. Here's what to look for..

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