Identifying Lawn Problems

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Identifying Lawn Problems. Identifying lawn problems can be difficult for even seasoned landscapers. It is likely that your lawn problem will belong to one of these categories: Insects, Lawn Disease, Weeds, Moss, Moles, or Drainage Problems. 1. Insects. Easy to identify. Visible on surface or visible after rolling back a bit of gr .Identifying lawn problems, and correctly treating them before they spiral out of control is a fundamental aspect of good lawn care. Here are some of the most common lawn care problems, and ways to identify and resolve them. Not enough water. The lawn will have a bluish, grayish cast to it..Pests include weeds, insects, disease causing organisms, or any animal that causes damage to grplants and is a source of common lawn problems. A healthy lawn will limit pest damage and quickly recover. When a pest becomes a problem, it's a sign that your gris not healthy..How to Deal With Common Lawn Problems Get help properly identifying the disease from a local nurseryman or cooperative extension service before using fungicide. How to Deal With Common Lawn Problems. IMAGE . P.o by BanksP.os/ Read Full Caption.

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