Identifying Lawn Problem

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Something not quite right on your lawn, but you 're not sure what it is? Use this guide to common lawn diseases to help you ID it and learn how to treat it..

Identifying Lawn Problems. Identifying lawn problems can be difficult for even seasoned landscapers. It is likely that your lawn problem will belong to one of these categories: Insects, Lawn Disease, Weeds, Moss, Moles, or Drainage Problems..Lawn diseases are a good indication a landscape might be out of balance. Sometimes bad things happen even to the healthiest lawns. Lawn Diseases are one of those things..Paspalum In Home Lawns. Paspalum can be a very difficult weed to kill in lawns, and continues to be one of the mostd weeds in the country. Once established in a lawn it has the ability to grow low and beneath lawn mower blades, enabling it to continue spreading unchecked..Symptoms: Irregular dead spots caused by beetle larvae feeding on grroots. Damage is worst in the fall. Dead turf pulls up easily, like a rug, revealing c-shaped larvae. Animals such as armadillos, skunks, and gophers dig up lawn to feed on grubs..

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