Identifying Lawn Pest

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A lawn infested with mole crickets has irregularly-shaped brown patches and feels spongy when you walk on it. Finger-width tunnels and dying gr. that lacks roots are key clues that mole crickets are at work. Use a drench test to be sure. Treatment options typi.y focus on insecticide applications..Symptoms: Grub damage begins with signs of wilted gr. blades, followed by brown turf patches and eventual. Spongy, grub-damaged turf lifts easily off the soil in spring and summer to reveal grubs underneath. If you see crows, skunks or moles feeding on your lawn, they are most likely searching a grub meal..This 5 minute will help you identify some common lawn pests. Bugs displayed include chinch bugs, army .By Lance Walheim, The National Gardeningociation. Even if you follow strict lawn maintenance procedures and plant the right type of grfor your climate, you can still run into trouble. Following are seven of the most troublesome and common lawn insect pests with tips on how to identify and control them: Armyworms .

The lawn experts at DIY Network show give you tips and tricks for identifying lawn pests and learning how to get rid of them..How to Identify Lawn Pests by Examining the Gr Your lawn problem may be pet, Combining several approaches will help you identify which pest ising your .Learn how to identify common lawn pests and how to treat them..How to fend off Common Lawn Problems: Helpful do it yourself tips and advice, identify, prevent and repair damage caused by lawn pests..

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