Identifying Kush Weed

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- Today we 're excited to debut Leafly 'snd-new .ysis Recognition Interpreter, or, as our development team affectionately and "If you could take pictures of weed and have the app identify what strain it was". "Be able to take pictures of da weed that you have and leafly tell you what it is".. - If you 've got fat nugs that smell and taste earthy and that leave you couch locked, you can be fairly certain you 've got an indica, and probably some sort of Kush strain. Similarly, let 's say you just smoked bud that had long, thin buds, that smelled and tasted citrusy, and that gave you a cere.l high..MOST POPULAR . STRAINS. OG Kush OG Kush cannabis strain. Soursel Soursel cannabis strain. Jack Herer Jack Herer cannabis strain. Purple Kush Purple Kush cannabis strain. White Widow White Widow cannabis strain. Blue Dream Blue Dream cannabis strain. Northern Lights Northern Lights . - To be clear, both Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are annual plants in the Cannabis family. . indica is a putative species of the genus Cannabis. The strain probably originated from the Hindu Kush mountain range in central Afghanistan. this is known for extraordinarily frigid winters and .

Growers Picture Gallery. P.os of cannabis from germination to cultivation harvest. Images of different strains of..How Far to Push OG KUSH. First off I wouldn't worry so much about your involvement in "aggressive bloom cycles and ripening cycles"..Growing Near the Equator. In the areas near the equator, where the temperature is generally warm to, the South Indian varieties from Tamil and Madya Pradish are .Pests and diseases are one of the biggest problems encountered by growers and can cause huge amounts of damage to your plants if not .

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