Identifying Koi Fish

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Use this Koi Variety Guide to identify your favorite varieties, or learn a little more about each variety. Kohaku. Taisho Sanke. Showa Sanshoku. Tancho. Shiro Utsuri. Hi Utsuri. Ki Utsuri. Asagi..

All koi carp are colorful, so you can't distinguish gender by noting which has the more brilliant scales. Size in kois is more related to age than to gender, so size rarely helps determine. But a few visible physical differences exist .One Koi variety is the Asagi Koi fish they are plain Koi compared with other varieties; they are non-metallic and lack the bright coloration of many Koi, being mainly grey-blue in color with Hi along the sides, cheeks and in the fins..Identifying koi fish gender can be tricky at first, but the task is essential to maintaining the health and wellness of your koi. Do you have any tips or tricks to identifying your koi's gender? Let us know via the contact form..Koi Cl.ification and Identification. All Koi belong to one species, CYPRINUS carpio. There are numerous colour varieties which are the result of cross-breeding .

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    Koi Diseases, How can you tell if you have a sick fish? Pictures of Fish Disease for Identification along with Fish Meds..

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    Guarding Against Sick Fish. Fish disease and can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, it even causes some people to give up on fish-keeping altogether..

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    Medications and Treatments: TREATING YOUR KOI. When you have selected the correct bowl for the job in hand - always put enough water in the bowl so that the Koi can move freely in the normal upright manner then you will need to add some anesthetic - just enough to gently put the Koi to sleep whilst you go to work on the infected, or .

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    Koi health problems, an introduction. The intention of this page is to provide advice for those whose lack of experience leaves them feeling "out of their depth" in the face of what may seem to be an information overload of confusing and sometimes seemingly contradictory advice..

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