Identifying Kimberlite

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- Geologists do have a few tools at their disposal to locate and identify kimberlite pipes. Once identified, the only way to test the deposit for diamonds is to sample it, a subject that I 'll discuss next week. For now, let 's look at a few of the ways that kimberlite pipes are found.. - Kimberlite pipes are the most important source of mined diamonds today. How to identify kimberlites: Kimberlites commonly have high .South African diamond bearing kimberlite pipes are black. While the blue-ground and yellow-ground kimberlite can be found in other locations. Such as the blue-ground example shown in the p.o above from the Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murphreesboro, Arkansas..

Gem-quality synthetic diamonds are more available in today's jewelry marketplace than ever before, causing both interest and concern among jewelers about the material's nature and whether it can be identified by gemologists or gemological labs..Questions on any specimens? Thin-sections are carefully prepared glslides suitable for mineralogical and petrology stu.s when viewed through a microscope..Micro-cap C.aska Uranium discovers anomalies on a Government airborne geological survey of northern Saskatchewan from 2011 that may be Kimberlite and .When many people think of diamonds, they think of sparkly gemstones used for en.ement rings, but the truth is, only about 30 of diamonds are of "gem quality" and suitable for jewelry. The remaining 70 of mined diamonds, known as bort, are sold for industrial applications. Diamond is the .

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