Identifying Key Positions

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- The first step in succession planning is to identify critical positions. This is done by reviewing all of the positions in the organization and asking a series of questions about each position to determine which are critical according to the definition and criteria below; Single In.bent..

Succession Planning is the process of identifying the critical positions within the organization and developing action plans for High Potential individuals toume those positions. It is a .Identifying key positions in an organization chart can help you when making redesign, compensation and employee development decisions. 1..Identifying key and critical positions Succession pools and successors apply to those positions that are identified as being key or critical. A key position is one that is required for your organization's ability to function effectively, such as the company president..Small businesses often rely on a few key employees to handle important projects. As an organization grows, it's important to identify the positions that underpin and support the organization. Using a basic functional structure can help create an organization that helps you meet sales and profit goals..

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    Prioritizing our efforts helps us to make decisions and allocate resources in all that we do. Identifying critical positions or prioritizing is an important part of the succession planning process.It allows organizations to target talent investments to ensure leadership continuity and mitigate risk from leadership attrition..

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