Identifying Jackfield Ware

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- In the 1870s and 1880s, a revival of the Jackfield-type glaze occurred, this time on a terra cotta or white earthenware body. It is sometimes known as Jet Ware Lewis 1999 . Description. Fabric A dense,genous earthenware body, gray to purplish-black in color. Jackfield produced by Thomas Whieldon . - Notice that the glaze on the Jackfield lid has a morerous sheen than the lead glazed redware. Also note the color of the bo.s. The chipped part of the Jackfield lid reveals a dark purple body. The lead glazed redware has a reddish-brown body. Do you feel that you can confidently identify the different .Jackfield Antique Collectable: for Jackfield ware was originally a black glazed pottery made in Jackfield, England, from . Early examples of Jackfield ware had Jacobite inscriptions and were popularized by Thomas Wheldon. A yell1..Explore Jane Kurtz 's board "Jackfield Pottery" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about English pottery, Cups and Mugs..

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