Identifying International Harvester Engines

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The International Harvester Company IHC has been building its own, proprietary truck engines since the introduction of their first truck in 1907. International . - a freind of mine has a 1970 International scout we honestly do not know what motor is in it, we suspect it is a 1971 304ci motor but thats just . - Hey I was on Craig 's list this morning and I saw an IH pickup for sale. The owner has no clue what engine is in it I was wondering if any . - Its fairly easy to find the id stamp on the IH si Its stamped into a flat surface at the right front corner of the block just below the head and .

The International R series was a truck manufactured by International Harvester.It replaced the L series in 1953. It was mostly a facelift of the light and medium models. The front style seen on the L series redesigned for the R line. A simple rectangular opening with a tapered bar running across the center replaced the ornate grill design of .9999 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER INTERNATIONAL TSBs 543 Bulletin: 971001G97904 Component: 162810 structure:body:hood:hinge and attachments Summary: Procedures on installation of center mount hood hinge kits..The International Harvester Metro Van is a step van, also known as walk-in or multi-stop delivery truck. This vehicle type was one of the earlier, m.-produced forward control vehicles, once commonly used for milk or bakery delivery, as well as ambulance services, mobile offices, and radio transmitter vans. Typi.y, they were 1/2-, 3/4-, or . I have a 1973 International Loadstar 1700 with a 345? The serial number is stamped on the right rear of the engine, just above the starter motor..

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