Identifying Information For Patient Transfusion Units

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Summary of information provided to patient benefits, risks, alternatives and patient consent. Prescription authorisation . The transfusion 'prescription ' must contain the minimum patient identifiers and specify: Components to be transfused; Date of transfusion; Volume/number of units to be transfused and the rate or duration .Further Information: Consultant Haematologist in charge of Blood Transfusion, Blood. Transfusion Laboratory Manager, Blood Safety and Conservation 8 - Identifying the patient immediately prior to commencing the transfusion. bedside The term Blood Components refers to units, paedipacks or pooled units of: 9.1..The units available for trans- fusion are listed on the chart copy of the transfusion requisition form by number and this is then placed on the patient 's chart. identified patient. If the patient 's name or other identifying information is not available, we have allowed blood to be administered using justthe key transfusion number .In 5 years a total of 71,400 units of blood components were transfused to 15,430 patients using the I-TRAC Plus system. an identificationcelet that is a bar-coded wristband and a handheld portable computer that identifies patients and blood bags by a scanner and prints information through a portable printer Figure 1 ..

N230 Ch31 NCLEX practice. The nurse is caring for a patient who is to receive a transfusion of two units of packed The patient's identifying information .Start studying Ch 31 Hematologic Problems The patient's identifying information The nurse is caring for a patient who is to receive a transfusion of two units .TRANSFUSION SERVICE GUIDELINES All identifying information patient's name, unsuitable components if units are removed from the Transfusion.The scope of this article is pre-transfusion patient testing and date of birth, identifying patient and to trace units and products from patient to .

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