Identifying Horse Bits

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- A popular feature of many tack shops is the "Bit Wall". This is usually a ratheridating array of different types of bit, each with different features designed to work in a slightly different way. Trying to decide which is the right bit for your horse can be confusing, but when you look closely, you 'll see that there . - A bit with a mullen mouth is a plain mouthpiece, with a slight curvature so that it sits comfortably over the horse 's tongue. This type of mouthpiece will be slightly more comfortable for a horse to carry than a straight bar mouthpiece. The mullen mouth is thought to be a gentler bit than one with a jointed . - There are more bits than there are breeds of horses. Some of them are easily recognized by anyone, regardless of what discipline you ride. Others are a bit trickier. See how well you know your bits by taking our quiz. And don 't forget to share your score in the comments!.A rider communicates with a horse in many ways, from a prod of the spurs, to voice commands, weight distribution, etc. Maybe the most important control mechanism though is the bridle which is made up of the bit, headstall, and reins. With a gentle hand the horse can be turned left or right or pulled up. The bit is an .

Horse bits from Neue Schule, Myler bits, Sprenger bits, Abbey bits, and more, with 30 day trial from, plus bit accessories and bitting advice..Posts about Horse Chestnut disease written by fodrambler. The earliest education of the young horse begins on the ground. People often underestimate the importance of this stage, or, due to ignorance, already . Yup, "soft" is what I started with. After awhile I went to "Medium Soft". Man I miss Team Roping, I had the BEST horse, was 14 when I .

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