Identifying Holiday Cacti

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- Answer: A Christmas cactus is one of three popular holiday cacti: Easter, To help determine whether your cactus is a Christmas or . - The leaves of a holiday cactus can help identify its parentage: the hybrid S. xbuckleyi has more rounded leaf edges L while S. truncata has . - There are three types of holiday cactus: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Growing conditions determine when these cactus bloom..

As a cacti enthusiast, I found that sometimes identifying a particular cactus species can be very difficult. .The following p.os will allow you to identify cacti and other succulent plants. Click on image to view plant de.s.. Which one is the Christmas Cactus and which is the Thanksgiving Cactus? Identify and care for your holiday cactus..Of the three Holiday Cactus most of the identification confusion is between the Christmas Cactus and the Thanksgiving Cactus. Not only do they look similar, .

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    Anything relating to Cacti or that doesn't fit in another category should be posted under General..

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    ABSTRACT. Cacti species are plants that are well adapted to growing in arid and se.rid regions where the main problem is water availability. Cacti have developed a series of adaptations to cope with water scarcity, such as reduced leaf surface via morphological modifications including spines, cereous cuticles, extended root .

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    This order of appearance is useful for identifying the breed of the next generation. If you breed two plants of varieties in this table, the next generation will .

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    It's our own fault, you know. We humans have caused this deer browsing problem by eliminating all of the animal's natural predators from our regions..

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