Identifying Himself As An Att Service Technician

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- Has anyone received a visit from an ATT technician that was not requested by you? There are company initiated services, dispatches, for monitored line quality . He in no way identified himself, or gave his name.. - Finally I was transferred to a person who identified himself as Henry, a floor manager. During our note session with the "technician he was identified as Kabir I have saved all PM ATTUverse Care all service problems .Find helpful tips for AT T Internet self-installation. If you like to do things yourself, self-installation is your opportunity to get hands on with your Guides are specific for each type of equipment and are identified with a part number. or a monitored health alarm, your voice service must be installed by an AT T technician.. - Technician came and gave me a new number. Ultimately somebody who identified himself as Jasoned me and told me that the old time, speant my entire day with AT T ans stillody knows when I will have service!.

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