Identifying Highavailability Requirements And Constraints

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3.1 Why It Is Important to Determine High Availability Requirements the capabilities of the various high availability systems and technologies and choose the ones that meet its SLA requirements, within the guidelines as dictated by business performance issues, budgetary constraints, and anti.ted business growth..3.3 High Availability Architecture Requirements. Using the high availabilityysis framework, a business can: Complete a business impactysis. Identify and categorize the critical business processes that have the high availability requirements. Formulate the cost of downtime. Establish utilization, RTO, and RPO goals .An easy and simple test for identifying HA capability for a virtual machine is to perform a VMotion. The requirements of VMotion are actually more stringent than those for performing an HA failover, though some of the requirements are identical. In short, if a virtual machine can successfully perform a VMotion across the hosts .Finally, this module provides a brief overview of existing high-availability technologies and explains the process and guidelines for determining the appropriate high-availability technology that can be used to meet business requirements and constraints. Lessons. Identifying High-availability Requirements and. Constraints..

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