Identifying Hawaii Woods

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This handbook provides an il.rated reference for identifying the common trees in the forests of Hawaii. Useful information about each species is also compiled, including Hawaiian, English, and scientific names; description; distribution within the islands and beyond; uses of wood and other products; and additional notes.. - Hawaii 's Woods come from the only Pacific tropical forests in the United States. Hawaii 's endemic trees grow nowhere else on earth. Most of these species are hardwoods; highly productive broad-leafed tropical trees. Many are very dense and require special skill to mill, season, and work effectively..Pricing/Availability: With the tree endemic to Hawaii only, and with supplies dwindling, Koa is likely to be rather expensive. Also, boards of highly figured and/or curly Koa can command fantastic prices. Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, and is reported by the IUCN as being a species of .

Hawaii's Woods come from the only Pacific tropical forests in the United States. Hawaii's endemic trees grow nowhere else on earth..Skolmen, Roger G. 1974. Some woods of Hawaii properties and uses of 16 commer cial species. Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Exp. Stn.,.I Recently made this NAF style flute out of Koa. This was done by routing and gluing two pieces, then turning and sanding to 600 grit. It was finished with Tung oil..Comments: Ohia is a very common species in Hawaii. Identifying Wood. The Truth Behind Wood Identification; Wood Identification Guide; Hardwood Anatomy;.

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