Identifying Hamstring Injury Versus Back Injury

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- Other possible symptoms of a hamstring strain are: Sudden and severe pain during exercise, along with a snapping or popping feeling. Pain in the back of the thigh and lower buttock when walking, straightening the leg, or bending over. Hamstring tenderness. Bruising..

The pain from hamstring injuries can present in different areas in the back of the body extending from the gluts to behind the knee. there exists is a bursa in the gluteal area that will refer pain andness into the back of the thigh where the hamstrings are located. acute traumatic hamstring injury occurs when the muscle is .Hamstring strain injuries remain a challenge for both athletes and clinicians given the high incidence rate, slow healing, and persistent symptoms. Moreover, nearly one-third of these injuries recur within the first year following a return to sport, with subsequent injuries often being more severe .Most people who suffer an acute hamstring strain will experience some of the following: Sharp pain.When the injury occurs, one may feel an abrupt, sharp pain at the back of the thigh or buttocks..Injury to the hamstring muscle is diagnosed by the rapid onset of intense pain in the back of the mid-thigh during running or similar activity. Athletes will often instantly grab in pain at the back of the thigh, being unable to walk without limping ..

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