Identifying Half Dolls

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- How to Identify Desirable Half Dolls. There are so many thousands of styles of half dolls made, and so few good reference books available, that many doll collectors throw up their hands in frustration and feel that half dolls and their values are nearly impossible to decipher. That is not true--with a keen eye, . - They have a variety of names - pincushion dolls, tea-cosie dolls and dresser dolls and there are those also known as 'tops ', 'pin heads ' or 'whisk-broom ' dolls. Generally they are referred to as Half Dolls but w.ver name may be dubbed, they all have one thing in common. Pictured left: Dressel .Pincushion Dolls Antique Collectable: for Pincushion dolls are not really dolls and often were not even pincushions. Some collectors use the term half-doll. The top half of each doll was made of porcelain. The edge of the half-doll was made1..Here are China Head Doll collector and expert Virtu Doll 's. tips for identifying vintage reproduction dolls. All p.os shown are reproduction China head dolls. 1 Antique China dolls won 't have fine crazing in the glaze that many reproduction dolls have 1st p.o, bottom left head . 2 The quality of the porcelain body is .

This page is designed to help you determine whether your doll is a Nancy Ann Storybook doll, and, if so, what are her noteworthy characteristics..Alexis. Ashleigh and Hayley : Doll Line: Heirloom Dolls: Manufacturer/Distributer: Duck House: Artist: Not acknowledged: Production Years: 2004 : Size: 18".I have some dolls that I should show you. Maybe they have some value..Celluloid Doll Makers and Identifying Doll Marks . Abt Franke 1865-1922 Prussia , made small celluloid with kid body dolls, dressed in a christening gown, Baby .

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