Identifying Grubs

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White Grubs Lawn Grubs are the larval stage of scarab beetles, and they develop under your turf, feeding on the roots of the gr This feeding causes damage to your lawn, making white grubs a troublesome lawn pest. White grubs could be of several scarab beetle species .Most turf managers in New England deal with white grubs at one time or another. Grubs, the larval stage of scarab beetles, can cause considerable damage to turf as they feed on root hairs and prevent the plant from taking up adequate moisture. For many years, turf managersumed that most grub problems throughout .Identifying White Grubs. No ifs, ands, or. Field Crops. Entomology. Program. MSU. Chris DiFonzo. Entomology Department. Michigan State University. Bruce Mackellar. St Joseph County. Michigan State University. Christian Krupke. Entomology Department. Purdue University. White Grubs - the larvae of scarab beetles .

Identifying lawn problems will likely lead to one of the following categories: Insects, Lawn Disease, Weeds, Moss, Moles, or Drainage Problems..One of the most easily spotted symptoms is an increase in bird activity on your lawn. These grubs make a great snack for the local birds.Control, elimination, damage identification of lawn pests, molecrickets, chinch bugs, sod webworms, grubs.Most insect taxonomy has been performed using the forms, so basi.y the only sure way to determine the species of a caterpillar is to rear it through to the .

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