Identifying Grandfather Clocks

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2-clicks, kinds of long case clocks, curio tall case clock style, grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter clocks, Comtoise, Bornholm, mini grandfather clock..If you own a longcase clock, determining its age can tell you how much it is worth. After 1880, most clocks were m.-produced by German and American .Nothing says history and charm like a tall grandfather clock that sounds the Westminster chimes on the hour just like Big Ben in London. France and England .Do you have a clock you 'd like to know more about? You 're not alone. We receive several requests a week to identify clocks for people, and although we 'd like .

Identifying the type of grandfather clock Grandfather clock identification covers several aspects; it could be through the manufacturer or designer that created it, the materials they're constructed with and their unique architectural styles and description..If you plan to decorate with one of these antique grandfather clocks, note that at the time of publication, prices ran from well over $1,000 to more than $5,000..Grandfather clocks without any names or numbers must be identified by their appearance. Certain styles were first used at certain times. Technological advances altered the material and appearance of clock movements. Professional appraisers and antiques dealers may be of help in identifying unnamed and unnumbered pieces..Grandfathers Seth Thomas Clock This Seth Thomas clock was my great-grandfather's, and when my grandfather gave me the clock, he had no idea of the age of the clock, but said that his A "HAND-ME-DOWN Clock This clock was handed down to me via family..

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