Identifying Gold Roman Coins

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Identify a Coin. This interface allows you to narrow down the most basic visible components of a coin in order to reveal a subset of possible matches in the search Note that, alongside gold and bronze, silver Roman coinage from the mid-3rd century onward uses various bronze-silver alloys, and are deemed 'silver ', 'billon ' .Mintmarks on gold coins often end with the letters OB obryzium - refined or pure gold . 2. Mint city abbreviation usually one to four letters, but up to seven . 3. Officina identification. Latin letter, a Greek letter or letters or a Roman numeral indicating the officina. Some officina symbols are listed in a table below. Sometimes .Step 2: Identifying the Denomination Below are the denominations possible in ancient coins, and tips to identifying which you have. Gold coins have been excluded because, chances are if you have a genuine gold Roman coin you won 't need to read this guide. Silver: 1. Denarius: These will be silver white metal and .Roman coins. It is very important that after you properly identify the issuer of the coin and you date it correctly, to identify the nominal of the coin. Unlike the Ancient Roman Egypt. GOLD COINS. Aureus - a coin made from gold, as its name states. It was first minted around 210 BC but it was an exotic coin, with a high value..

Identifying Common Late Roman Bronze Coins 2003 Scott Uhrick for Ancient Coins for Education, Inc. One of the most satisfying parts of working with ACE is going to .Roman Gold Coins. Between BCE, the Romans defeated Carthage in the Second Punic War, took over the gold mining region of Spain, and minted their first .Roman coins for sale. Otho, - A.D., Antioch, Seleucis and Pieria, Syria.Ancient coin dealer with ancient Greek and Roman coins, Byzantine coins, and other ancient coins in a huge online catalog. Articles, discussion forum and tools for .

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