Identifying Gm Turbo Transmissions

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GM Transmissions. GM Power Glide. 2 S.d Transmission. 1962-1973. GM Turbo C. 3 S.d Transmission. 1976-1987. GM Turbo 2004R 2004R Transmission . Overdrive Transmission. 1981-1990. GM Turbo C TH350 Transmission . 3 S.d Transmission. 1969-1986. GM Turbo 400.The Turbo 375 was modified to accept the Turbo 350 driveshaft yoke. THM400 - The THM400 was GM 's Heavy-duty 3 s.d transmission used from . Used on large displacement, high torque engines and engines with towing packages. Generally found in Chevy GM trucks, cadilacs and large displacement .The General Motors TH 350, introduced in 1969, was developed by Chevrolet and Buick. The TH400 transmission was first used in 1964 in Cadillac and Buick automobiles. The Turbo 350 has a "kickdown" cable attached to the right side attached to a manual linkage on the transmission..The Chevrolet Turbohydramatic 350 automatic transmission, or THM350, was available on all Chevrolet and most GM models staring in 1969. As the successor to the Powerglide, it was produced until 1989. This three-s.d medium-duty automatic was used primarily with six-cylinders and small-block V-8s. The 350 .

To the untrained eye, nearly all GM automatic transmissions look the same. They are all made out of aluminum with the exception of the very early Powerglide , they .Automatic Transmissions factory remanufactured transmission are available with 12, month warranties..These KIA automatic transmissions are factory remanufactured and Dyno tested to ensure the highest quality and deliver long lasting performance..Here you'll find information to help you with Proper 4L60E Transmission identification, as well as specs, gearing RPO Codes and more..

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