Identifying Glass Paperweights

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- Glpaperweights first gained popularity in the mid-19th century after being displayed at various expositions, most notably the Great Exhibition of 1851 at For a novice to begin learning to identify the further subtle distinctions between makers, examining a variety of pieces in books and in person is . - Collectors of antique glpaperweights rightly consider their pursuit to be the one of the world 's best-kept secrets. 1 Paperweight AT 5-7.jpg Most antique Museum of Gl., Corning, N.Y., 1978. Kulles, George, Identifying Antique Paperweights, Millefiori, Paperweight Press, Santa Cruz, Calif., 1985..Of GlPaperweights by Paul Hollister a clear number one on my list ; Identifying Antique Paperweights-Millefiori and; Identifying Antique Paperweights-Lampwork both by George Kulles; Paperweights for Collectors by L.H. and L.P. Selman; All About Paperweights by L.H. Selman,. All of which were .This is not because of any intent to deceive, but because sellers are not experts on identification. We have been collecting glpaperweights for many years, and have written this short guide to help both new and experienced collectors find useful information and links. It is easy to start a good collection through eBay if you .

GlPaperweights - Paperweight - Antique and Contemporary GlPaperweights.Perthshire is a small company in Crieff, Scotland that was devoted to the creation of quality glpaperweights. They stopped production in .Although Paul Ysart's paperweights were made at Caithness, and a few of them were sold through the Caithness Gl. shop, they were not produced by the factory as .Paperweights, paperweight collectors, links Made in India. Made in Malta Mdina Gl. Made in Scotland Strathearn Gl..

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