Identifying Glass Beads

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Use a magnifying gl. or lamp if needed. When at a bead to identify its age, the following considerations are important: Can you see a seam? If so, this .Cold beads are usually stone, gl., metal or s Materials that feel closer to room temperature or warm quickly in your hand include amber, wood, plastic, .How to Tell the Difference Between GlBeads Plastic Beads. When shopping for jewelry or jewelry supplies, it is often difficult to differentiate between glbeads and plastic beads. Check the Bead 's Temperature. Tap the Bead. Examine the Drilling. Heat the Bead. While wearing the heat-resistant gloves, use the .Explore Carolannendt 's board "Bead Identification and Reference" on Pinterest. See more. Vintage Lot of 3 Mid Century Lucite GlBeaded Necklaces .

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