Identifying Ginsing

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Method 1. Finding and Harvesting Ginseng. Hunt during the season. Go where the ginseng grows. Look for companion plants. Identify the ginseng plant. Harvest only mature plants with red berries. Dig carefully. Wash and dry the root s ..

Ginseng is identified by its habitat, growth and root characteristics. Ginseng Panax quinquefolius , grown for the large root it produces, grows in the wild and in gardens. Identification of ginseng is the same for most species, once you know the habitat and characteristics of the plant..Identifying American Ginseng J. Paul Moore/P.oli.ry/Getty Images American ginseng Panax quinquefolius can be most easily identified by its three-.ged or .While American ginseng is not a woody plant, it is nevertheless a perennial plant that develops through a. series of distinct growth stages over time. Identification therefore requires an ability to recognize the. different vegetative forms that might occur over the life of an individual plant.. Identify the ginseng plant. The ginseng plant has a single stem that ends with a whorl i.e. single point that the .

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