Identifying Giftedness In Diverse Populations

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There has long been concern that high-ability students from underserved populations -- those who are limited English proficient, disabled, or from minority or low-income backgrounds -- are persistently underrepresented in advanced and in programs for students identified as gifted..In J. A. Castellano and A. D. Frasier, Eds., Special populations in gifted education: understanding our most able students from diverse backgrounds. Waco, Texas: Prufock Press, Nationalociation for Gifted Children..As partners in identifying and educating CLD gifted children and youth. Culturally diverse and underserved populations of gifted students. Thousand Oaks, CA:.This do.ent is a "theme" issue of a quarterly serial publication. It focuses on identifying and serving gifted children from diverse populations..

  • Identification Nationalociation For Gifted Children

    While some commonalities exist across giftedness, one size does not fit all. Gifted learners exhibit different characteristics, traits, and ways to express their giftedness. Various issues must be considered for identification:.

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  • When Diagnosing Adhd Consider Possibility Of Giftedness

    When diagnosing ADHD, consider possibility of giftedness in some children by Erik von Hahn, M.D., FAAP Reprinted with permission from AAP News, July 2012 issue, copyright American Academy of Pediatrics. Parents and teachers often ask whether a child might have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder ADHD . But when a child is .

  • Gifted Students At Risk Hoagies Gifted

    Gifted Students at Risk: low income gifted children are at risk for underacheivement, not atteding college, and more..

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