Identifying Gifted Native American Students

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- A few of you here have requested that I write about my experiences teaching gifted Native American children. An article that I wrote on the topic is in the Fall 2007 issue of "Understanding Our Gifted." That whole issue has a theme of cultural diversity. Most of today 's post is pulled from my article in that .Understanding, Identifying, and Meeting the. Needs of Gifted Native American Students. Tamara J. Fisher, M.A K-12 Gifted Education Specialist// * It is important to note that differences in the many various tribal cultures can contribute to the relevancy or..Identifying outstanding talent in American Indian and Alaska Native students. Washington, DC: Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Google Scholar. Christensen, R. A. 1991 . A personal perspective on tribal-Alaska Native gifted and talented education. Journal of American Indian Education, 31, 10-14..GIFTED NATIVE AMERICAN STUDENTS: UNDERPERFORMING, UNDER-IDENTIFIED,. AND OVERLOOKED. MARCIA GENTRY AND C. MATTHEW FUGATE. Purdue University. There has been limited focus among researchers on the nature and needs of gifted Native American students in the past 30 years, and the work .

Many schools use a variety ofessments of students' capability and potential when identifying gifted children. These may include portfolios of student work . Charles Sutton Galileo School for Gifted Learning Level 7 Learning This week's readings in my gifted endor.t program are related to the cultural biases .ELL students are underenrolled in gifted, finds an Education Weekysis. But some schools are trying to buck the trend..ADVOCATE. Join the Legistlative Action Network and work with us to create a federal, state, and local framework to support all gifted students..

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