Identifying Gifted Minorities Hispanic Black

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- Relying on teachers and parents to identify candidates for gifted programs appears to discriminate against minority and poor children..Comparisons of the newly identified gifted students with those who would have been placed in the absence of screening show that Blacks and Hispanics, free/reduced price lunch parti.nts, English language learners, and girls were all systemati.y "underreferred" in the traditional parent/teacher referral system.. - Gifted programs across Washington leave out black and Latino students but Federal Way is one model for change similar stories from other minority parents that she ran successfully for the school board to push Federal Way toward re-examining its methods for finding academi.y talented kids..Read NAGC 's position statement, "The Role ofessments in Identifying Gifted Individuals." Giftedness is represented through all racial, ethnic, income levels, and exceptionality groups. Underrepresentation is widely spread. It 's estimated that African American, Hispanic American, and Native American students are .

Hispanic Americans and Latino Americans Spanish: hispanos; are people in the United States who are descendants of people from countries of Latin America and Spain..The Citizens Advisory Committee for Gifted and Talented Education in Baltimore County, Maryland.Research about gifted and talented learners points to the great diversity among this heterogeneous group of young people Neihart, Reis, Robinson, Moon, 2001 and .Cultural diversity within the context of creativity has been defined as the cultural factors and related linguistic and cognitive style differences that influen.

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