Identifying Giclee

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Giclee is a high quality ink jet print. Image: crocuses first flower spring flower image by Pali A from Giclee is a digital print of extremely high quality. The French word "giclee" means simply a spray, referring to . The Giclee printing process has become so refined that, from a distance, a Giclee will appear indistinguishable from an original piece. There are, however, ways to identify a Giclee. Giclees can be printed on a variety of . Identifying your giclee print as authentic is an important part of purchasing artwork. Beware of fake art with expertise from a professional artist in this f Identifying your .How to identify prints. The term 'prints' includes lithographs, etchings, engravings, screen prints, woodcuts and the modern Gicle prints. They are .

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