Identifying Giclee

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Giclee is a high quality ink jet print. Examine what the image is on, and identify whether it is paper, canvas or other fabric. Look for the grain of the material. Consider the characteristics of the image. Look at the surface of the print with a magnifying glfor half-tone dots or similar tell-tale marks..

Giclee is a high quality ink jet print. Image: crocuses first flower spring flower image by Pali A from Giclee is a digital print of extremely high quality. The French word "giclee" means simply a spray, referring to the spray of the ink onto the surface of the print.. The Giclee printing process has become so refined that, from a distance, a Giclee will appear indistinguishable from an original piece. There are, however, ways to identify a Giclee. Giclees can be printed on a variety of surfaces, including canvas and paper.. Identifying your giclee print as authentic is an important part of purchasing artwork. Beware of fake art with expertise from a professional artist in this free giclee reproduction..Prints which are reproductions of well-known artworks should be easy to identify. For example, it should be obvious that a reproduction of an oil painting by Constable, or Lowry, for example, is a print, as the original work would be well known to most people..

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    We specialize in the works of John James Audubon. We sell original prints from all of his editions and high quality reproductions of his work as well. We also offer works from a select group of other artists and a variety of collectible books..

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    This area features H.C. Porter's mixed media originals, fine art p.ography, limited edition serigraphs, giclees, reproductions, posters, fine art books, and merchandise, as well as commissioned work.To simplify browsing, the pieces in the mixed media category have been grouped into several virtual galleries named after streets in the artist's former Jackson, MS studio neighborhood..

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    Rare Prints Editions is a division of that creates high quality Limited Edition Giclee' reproductions of Audubon's work. They are exact facsimiles of Audubon's original hand colored engravings showcasing his amazing talent and the timeless beauty of his life's work..

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    In 1992, Denis Kitchen of Press published Crumb's Short History of America as a serigraph edition. Denis might have requested Crumb to add three additional panels to the original 12 panel poster in an effort to differentiate the new serigraph edition from the posters..

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