Identifying Four Voice Accordion

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A reed rank inside accordions refers to a single full set of the reeds that are the means to achieve the instrument 's sound range. These reed ranks are located in the reed chamber. Most accordions to this date typi.y have between 2 and 4 reed ranks on the treble side and between reed ranks on the bside..Many people confuse voices with couplers see below . nonctto.jpg 27938 bytes For example the picture below shows a 4 voice or 4 sets of reeds accordion. However this does not mean that it has 4 different sounds; it means that it has 4 blocks of reeds inside, so when you play any note, depending on what coupler or .You can determine this by at the switches located above the treble keyboard. If there are only 2-4 switches, the accordion probably has two treble reed banks most commonly a Low and a Middle bank, or LM . The switches will also il.rate with lines or dots how many reed sets there are. Accordions with more . - JPG" onclick=" this.href ;return false;, you can see that there are 3 voices on the treble side and 4 I think the image isn 't that clear on the base side. I think it is the Of course if you have coupler switches with dots it is easy to determine the number of voices but not all accordeons have these..

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