Identifying Fostoria

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- Fostoria marked very few of their pieces so unless you recognize the shape or the cutting or the etch it 's going to be difficult to identify the gl . - A guide to help you identify and value your elegant gl.ware, including patterns made by Fostoria, Heisey, Cambridge, Duncan and Miller, Tiffin and others. Elegant gl.ware is higher in quality than Depression gl., although it was made in some of the same colors such as pink .Several pieces were bought at antique shops where they were labeled as Fostoria, when in truth - they were not. Some lessons on Fostoria American crystal have been painful to learn, both financially and mentally. Just this past weekend I saw another example of a Look-Alike piece . - However, none of these impostors are worth as much as authentic Fostoria pieces. Learning how to identify genuine Fostoria crystal patterns .

Fostoria Stemware: The Crystal for America Second Edition Identification Value Guide [MilLong, Emily Seate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers..Marks and Labels on Gl. A special thanks to Mike for contributing all his many fine drawings! .A price guide to help you identify and value your elegant gl.ware from Heisey, Fostoria, Duncan and Miller, Cambridge and others..This is your source for identifying Depression glpatterns, researching values, and learning more about this history of Depression-era gl.ware..

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