Identifying Ford Rear Ends

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Ford Axle and Differential Identification Tag ID. Ford differential American Axle 11.5 Chrysler GM Ram Truck Rear Axle Suburban Yukon Escalade AAM 11.5 .Ford Axle History and Identification: Ford Differentials 2. The Ford 8.8-inch axle has a cast center section and the internal components are installed from the rear..It 's also important to note that any previous swapping of gear sets or rear end gears will make this method of identifying Dana Ford Differential Identification..

NEW UPDATE 12/20/04 !!! Introduction . The most popular rear end around is no doubt the Ford 9 inch unit, it is used by restorers, street rodders and racers alike, regardless of whatnd of car the axle is going in.. im wondering what models came with ford 8" rear ends what gears? im for somewhere around 3 1/2::40's 3:50's . nothing as low .What is my Ford rear end ratio, do I have positraction? Free troubleshooting help!.Find the Ford Rear End parts you need, Ford cars and pickup trucks. Free troubleshooting help..

  • How To Identify Ford Rear Ends It Still Runs

    Ford rear ends, or differentials, were manufactured by either the Dana Corporation or Ford. Differentials take the power from the rear axle and transfer it to the rear wheels by way of special gears. Identifying a differential hinges the ability to distinguish the two primary rear-end types---the 8- or 9-inch rear .

  • How Do You Identify A Ford Rear Axleembly

    The simplest way to identify the rear axleembly of a Ford vehicle is to look at the plate stamped on the component. The plate provides important information about the axleembly, its date of manufacture and the location responsible for creating the part. Modern Ford differential tags feature .

  • Ford Axle History And Identification Ford Differentials

    Ford Axle History and Identification: Ford Differentials- Ford Axle and Differential Rebuild Tips, Techniques, and Instructions for 8. Inch Differentials. Ford Axle History and Identification: Ford Differentials. Notice the 8.0-inch ring gear diameter cast into the rear cover below the fill plug. Also notice the part number and .

  • Ford Rear Axleembly Identification Page 01

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