Identifying Ford Engines

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- Method 1. Using the Identification Tag. Use the number of valve cover bolts to narrow down the type of engine you have in front of you. Locate the ID tag under coil attaching bolts for six-cylinder and some eight-cylinder engines. Check under the dipstick attaching bolts on eight-cylinder, 352 Model engine..The quickest way of differentiating between the different familys of Ford engines is to simply count the valve cover bolts. 2 bolts: 239/256/272/292/312 produced from ; 5 bolts: 332/352/360/361/390/391/406/410/427/428 FE engine ; 6 bolts: 221/260/289/302/351W; 7 bolts: 429/460; 8 bolts: 351C/351M/400 .Ford 's V8 engines are each part of a family, including: the Y-block, the 90-degree and the 335 series. Spotting a Ford eight-cylinder is easy, but each family has its own identification methods and using a variety of techniques is often necessary..Ford uses an engine number system which provides key manufacturing information but neglects to identify the engine size. Although dates and location of manufacture are given, you must use other methods with it to positively identify the engine..

Quick ID Ford Tractors '39-'64 Check our full ID/History page for more de.ed changes by year and model that can help with your identification..Although not the first V-8 engine ever produced, Henry Ford's side-valve V-8, launched in 1932, certainly qualified as the first m.-produced V-8 sold to the public..Repair, Rebuilding, Remanufactured Industrial And Marinesel Engines.sel Engine Coverage Includes Deutz, Isuzu, British Dover Ford, Lehman Ford Marine And .Foley Industrial Engines. Supplying parts and engines since 1916. Same day shipping, huge inventory, great price value..

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